Dawn Walton, M.Sc.Psych, DipCHyp, MNLP, CNHC

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The Emergence programme is a powerful 4 week programme designed to permanently change your relationship with food and yourself. This programme will deliver permanent change, tailored to you, for a one off payment. It puts the power back in your hands - empowering you to change yourself. Gone are the days where you have to pay out weekly or monthly, only to find that when you stop paying, the changes also stop.

The programme is delivered via emails. Please ensure you are capable of receiving and responding to emails for the next 4 weeks BEFORE you sign up. The programme can not be paused.

At many stages you will receive an MP3 audio to listen to. This is a critical part of the programme. Please make sure you have access to a device capable of playing MP3 audio files BEFORE you sign up.

Because of the one-to-one structure of the programme, it will be run at pre-allocated times throughout the year. It will be run with a block of people. There can be NO MORE THAN 20 PEOPLE IN A BLOCK.

What People have said

100% of people who have taken the programme would recommend it to a friend

The most exciting change was not binging on food, it was a relief to stop eating. The guilt has stopped too because I'm not bringing anymore. Words can't describe my gratitude. Thank you xx
Awareness of my emotions and the function of food as a safety tool. How the subconscious works was fascinating too.
Not feeling emotional when i eat just seeing it as fuel
I've stopped turning to chocolate and crisps and my portion sizes have decreased dramatically
I feel I know the real me the one that’s been hiding and my life has stopped revolving around food ! Also I’m enjoying eating food, my self image has a much more positive out look realistic too I feel equipped