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While we are under parental care we are driven to learn behaviours that give us the best chance of survival. It’s a very primitive drive based on the caveman days where if our parents didn’t bond with us we would die.

These days it’s more complex of course.

As a therapist and a person who experienced an abusive childhood, I am very aware how easy it is to screw up our kids – without even trying! I certainly know that I was very worried about the effect my upbringing would have when I had to be a parent myself.

There is no right or wrong answer to parenting. We all do our best. It's just that sometimes we aren't aware of the consequences of what we do.

Through my role as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I get to see the consequences.

In this course what I have tried to do is give you some simple and practical techniques to bring up your kids in a way that makes them resilient enough to cope with whatever life throws at them

What I hope is that through these techniques you can do as much as possible to stop your kids ending up on a couch to seek help from someone like me one day!

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This course is designed to help you with simple techniques to help you study more effectively, as well as apply that knowledge in test conditions.

It also covers some ideas on how to overcome nerves that are often associated with being tested.

The course is applicable to all ages.

The course uses NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques.

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Do you struggle to manage your weight? Does going to a therapist seem too much (either financially or personally)?

Getting to the size you want is about so much more than calories in versus calories out. Nobody wants to lose weight so they can carry a set of scales around with them, throw them on the ground, and declare to people what their weight is!

If it was a simple cognitive process everyone would be the weight and size they want to be.

I am sure you have tried to lose weight in the past. I am sure you have been successful too. And then, when you took your eye off the ball, or life got in the way, you put it all back on - and some.

This programme is to help you benefit from the approach I use 1-1 with my clients, to drive a permanent change in your relationship with yourself and with food. Through this I will hold your hand and support you as I empower you to make changes to your thoughts, behaviours and habits. This programme will give you the freedom to be you, without having to follow diets and rules again.

This programme will involve regular tasks, supported by discussion, information and MP3 downloads. It should take 3 months to fully complete the programme, but you can stay engaged as long as you want.

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