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It is important to me to be able to reach out to as many people and help them even if it is in the smallest way

Self Help downloads

I have developed a series of downloadable that are available on this website right now. These are short MP3 files (9-10 minutes long at most) that you can download to a phone, tablet or MP3 player and  listen to that help with relaxation, pain management and even hayfever and cold remedies.

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Self help videos

If you are not sure if my approach is right for you, why not watch one of my specially developed self-help YouTube videos and see how you get on. 

Instant positive feeling

Watch this video to build a trigger for an instant positive feeling of your choice that you can recall any time you need it. 

Pain Management

If you have a problem with any sort of temporary aches and pains then this video might help you quickly move on from them without the need for medication. 

Please note that pain is a warning from your body and if you continue to have pain over time for whatever reason you should always seek medical advice

Managing panic attacks / anxiety

This video helps you to cope with the effects of anxiety. Most anxiety is there for a reason. It's a defence mechanism of our subconscious. If this works well for you, why not have a look at the products available to purchase where you will find an MP3 download called the Pocket Panic Buster which you can carry with you when you are out and about.