Dawn Walton, MSc.Psych,DipCHyp,MNLP,MBPsS

Email Dawn@thinkitchangeit.com or phone UK 07734113830

99% of my clients no longer need to see me after 2-3 sessions

Over a 6 year period I have helped nearly 800 clients all over the world

We all have our screw ups. Anything can change. That's what I do. I help you become the most free version of yourself 

My approach is incredibly effective, requiring only 2-3 sessions, whatever your issue. 

Whilst I see clients for all reasons, because of my childhood experiences I specialise in working with childhood abuse, particularly sexual abuse. 
I also specialise in working with children aged 8 and upwards. 

I have experience of working with ASD, ADHD and gender identity. 

How many sessions will I need?

A course of therapy is typically 2-3 sessions. Most of the work is done in the first session (which generally lasts around an hour but they are not timed)

The second session happens 2 weeks later and is a critical session to review the previous 2 weeks. It is typically shorter,  taking around half an hour. 

The third session, if needed, happens at least 4 weeks after the second. About 60% of my clients need only 2 sessions. 

How much will it cost?

I have a special offer where, if you pay upfront at your first session, you get 3 sessions for the price of 2. 

A single session in Dundee or online costs £80 or £160** for a full course of therapy (up to 3 sessions) if you pay upfront

I have a family package for members of the same family. For £200, 2 members of the same family will get 3 sessions each. This is to allow a parent to get help at the same time as their child, rather than having to choose. Just quote family package when booking

If you are the sort of person that is on a journey, then you may want a more complete package than just a couple of sessions to clear something specific. I offer a lifetime support package, which includes the initial 3 sessions, and then ongoing "chats" as you work through your changes. Think of this package like having a mini-Dawn on your shoulder. This package is a one off fee of £500 upfront. 

**Prices are in GBP (British Pounds). International clients will be invoiced through Paypal and that will handle the conversion rates

What do I need to do?

An Mp3 download will provided within 24 hours of the session that reinforces what is covered during the session. This is included in the price. 

You will listen to the MP3 for the 2 weeks after the session. 

All I need from you is to remain curious in between sessions. This approach does not need you to be actively doing stuff in between sessions for it to work. The most difficult thing for you will be to stay alert and curious and notice the changes. 

Where and When

I have offices in Dundee for face to face therapy or you can have my help online. 

  • Sessions are available Monday to Saturday from 8am until 9pm 
  • I am based on the outskirts of Dundee past Camperdown Park. I will send directions once we confirm our first appointment.
  • Online is via Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messenger video or other video conferencing. The only criteria is we must be able to see each other. I do not do therapy over the phone, or using online messaging. Online therapy works EXACTLY the same way as in person and is way more convenient for both of us - especially if getting here is challenging for physical or emotional reasons. 

Ok, I'm ready

Ok this is the easiest bit. Just email dawn@thinkitchangeit.com and ask to book a session. Make sure you say whether it will be Dundee or Online 

Want to know a bit more?

I have a Masters in Psychology and trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist at the Quest Institute. I do not use a single approach. I am mainly a problem solver. I deal with what you tell me, and guide you to make the changes necessary so you are free to be whoever you want to be. During the session you will be fully engaged and actively involved in reprogramming your brain.  I don't believe we can think our way past our problems. The cognitive, thinking part of your brain is only engaged for at most 10% of the time. So I work with the automatic and reactionary part - the subconscious. That's why you need me. I guide you to change you.